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And what can we do as citizens of this planet to protect it and our future generations?

Larry Slobodkin, one of the leading pioneers of modern ecology, offers compelling answers to these questions in A Citizen's Guide to Ecology. He provides many insights into ecology and the processes that keep the world functioning. This important guide introduces observations that underlie arguments about all aspects of the natural environment--including both global and local issues. G Quinn; Michael J. Keough Call Number: QH Q85 Scientific Method in Brief by Hugh G. Gauch Call Number: Q Statistics and Scientific Method by Peter J. Diggle; Amanda G.

Chetwynd Call Number: Q S7 D54 Scientific Method for Ecological Research by E. F66 The Economy of Nature by Robert E. Ricklefs Call Number: QH R54 Belant Editor ; Erik A. E26 A52 Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 25 4 , Bird, T. Statistical solutions for error and bias in global citizen science datasets. Biological Conservation, , Munson, M. A method for measuring the relative information content of data from different monitoring protocols.

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Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 1 3 , Its explicit data policy can be found here all data is open access, though limited to not-for-profit usage. The data in this database is collected from four citizen science programs:. FrogWatch tracks changes in the population of frogs and toads, their geographic range, and the range of their calling season. PlantWatch monitors blooming times in an effort to understand the effects of climate change—scientists predict that increases in temperature will cause flowers and plants to bloom earlier in Northern and Western Canada, and that lower temperatures in Eastern Canada will cause later blooming times.

Citizen science is especially important to monitor such events because there are large geographic gaps in the current ice-monitoring network of professional scientists. WormWatch asks citizen scientists to measure the number of worms in a given volume of dirt.

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Given that earthworms are sensitive to disturbances in the soil, scientists can discover a lot about ecosystem health from this data. They offer data for download here this portal also offers access to data from across the Avian Knowledge Network. As part of the Avian Knowledge Network, this data is in six different levels of open access depending on the dataset, as explained here.

Additionally, those wishing to download the data must register with Bird Studies Canada. This project aims to track the spread of tree diseases; citizen scientists record data by tweeting photos of diseased trees.

Lawrence B. Slobodkin (–): Integrating Theory, Models, and Experiments in Ecology

It is organized by the American NGO The Institute of Forest Biotechnology, but this particular initiative has received significant funding from Natural Resources Canada in an effort to promote its use north of the border. You can download data tree tags in. Citizen scientists contribute data by tweeting. This data aids in recording the shrinking of the snow season in relation to climate change, and the severity of storm systems Witten, Their website includes a data download portal, although this does not appear to have been maintained at the time of writing In addition to providing training, a resource not uncommon for citizen science programs to offer, this organization even loans equipment to local-level stewardship programs in an effort to ensure that environmental monitoring is an accessible to all.

While data produced from this project is not open license, you view the data here. Further, you can download the data at that link in CSV format provided you have registered with a local stewardship program identify the one nearest you here. Flowering plants, birds and some mammals are recorded. You can find an. The initiative shares all of its bird data with Bird Studies Canada, and all of its plant data with PlantWatch Canada, so if you are seeking more comprehensive datasets it may be better to look to those more centralized databases see links above.

While many of the projects listed in these inventories do not provide open data at the time of writing, this may very well change. Check these listings for updates on this matter, or to find citizen science projects near you. This list focuses on government-affiliated citizen science initiatives, including programs run by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

This environmental NGO is a member of the the U. The foundation thus promotes involvement in the citizen science programs collected in this conveniently searchable database. Searching this database for those projects open to participants located in Canada yields more than results. The projects on this list are youth-oriented. Ocean Networks Canada, a University of Victoria initiative dating back to , runs a number of citizen science projects—though none are open data at the time of writing.

BioBlitz Ontario has been organizing annual, hour bioblitz-s since In , an affiliated organization called BioBlitz Canada has sprung up, which aims to co-ordinate bioblitz-s cross-country. Arnstein, S. A ladder of citizen participation. Journal of the American Institute of planners, 35 4 , Bloch, N.

A Citizen's Guide to Ecology L Slobodkin Oxford, 2003

Bonney, R. Citizen science: A developing tool for expanding science knowledge and scientific literacy. BioScience , 59 11 , Borgman, C. The conundrum of sharing research data. Cohn, J. Citizen science: Can volunteers do real research?. BioScience , 58 3 , Conner, C. Nation books. Conrad, C. A review of citizen science and community-based environmental monitoring: Issues and opportunities.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment , 1 , Delfanti, A. Biohackers: The Politics of Open Science. Pluto press. Dickinson, J. The current state of citizen science as a tool for ecological research and public engagement. Citizen science as an ecological research tool: Challenges and benefits. Eamon, W.

European Citizen Science Association. Retrieved 18 August Franzoni, C. Crowd science: The organization of scientific research in open collaborative projects. Research Policy , 43 1 , Goodchild, M.

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Citizens as sensors: the world of volunteered geography. GeoJournal , 69 4 , Groom, Q. Is citizen science an open science in the case of biodiversity observations? Journal of Applied Ecology , 54 2 , Gura, T.

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Amateur experts. Haklay, M.

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Goodchild eds. Berlin: Springer. Citizens tackle noise pollution.

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