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By Nigel CalderYou've just spent a day on the water under a sweltering sun. You sit back, enjoying the seclusion of a remote anchorage, lulled by the rattle of ice in your cold drink. A pretty picture, but a rare Designed by Out of the Sandbox. Powered by Shopify. Smith Buckley Smith C. Parrott Daniel Spurr Danny L. Bildner James L. Ange Micronesia Migael M. Parker Rich Johnson Richard A. Lovett Richard Kolin Richard L.

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Tillman Richard N. Perry Robert J. Armstrong Robert J. While everyone knows the newsstand glossies SAIL and Cruising World, two other sailing magazines are actually more useful to most sailors:.

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Sailing, Seamanship, and Boat Maintenance Both beginning sailors and the most experienced old salts will find many uses for a thick reference book about all matters of seamanship or other specific sailing topics. John Vigor's The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat is the best book you can read when shopping for the right sailboat to take offshore or to learn how to upgrade your own sailboat for offshore sailing or extended cruising.

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John Rousmaniere's Annapolis Book of Seamanship like Chapman's is thorough and almost as encyclopedic, with a bit more of a sailing focus. Robby Robinson's International Marine Book of Sailing is a great book for learning to sail - but is much more.

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It gets you sailing right away as you then read on to learn more about seamanship, navigation, and all the basics of sailing. Wonderfully well written. Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual is the best reference book for learning how to repair, maintain, and care for your boat. Beth Leonard's The Voyager's Handbook is the must-have bible for preparing for and then going long-distance cruising under sail. Paul Keller's Cruising for Seniors has useful information and some good reading for anyone wondering about how long-term sail cruising may or should be different once you're old enough to start thinking such thoughts.

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Sailing: Catching the Drift of Why We Sail is a brilliant book exploring the philosophy and meaning of sailing in all its aspects. The U. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook contains a lot of useful information for offshore sailors who might find themselves in a survival situation.

The Best Sailing Books and Magazines

Sailors' Secrets by Michael Badham and Robby Robinson is a compendium of almost everything you will someday need to know about sailing or dealing with boat stuff. Bernard Moitessier's memoir The Long Way is one of the best-ever narratives of a philosophic master sailor singlehanding around the world. Voyages of a Simple Sailor by Roger D.

Taylor is a collection well-written sailing narratives in which the sailor-philosopher also teaches self-sufficiency and independence.


Tania Aebi's Maiden Voyage chronicles her month solo circumnavigation begun at age 18, a story of adventure and maturation at sea. Beth Leonard's Blue Horizons collects together wonderfully well-written columns she wrote during a 6-year navigation - a bright portrait of a couple's life cruising under sail. Chris Stewart's Three Ways to Capsize a Boat is a memoir about learning to sail and adventuring in the Greek Isles and across the Atlantic - a charming and very funny book. Patricia Vellinga's Sailing There tells a great story about crossing Europe by canal and then sailing all over the Med - an enjoyable sailing travelogue.

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  • Torre DeRoche's Swept: Love with a Chance of Drowning is a true tale about an inexperienced sailor cruising off into adventure with her boyfriend in a small sailboat across the South Pacific - a great read! Michael Cosgrove's Imperfect Passage is a story of crossing the Pacific in a foot sailboat, visiting tropical islands, and experiencing terror at sea.