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Project Management Challenges Within Corporate Projects

Contents The challenges of public-sector project management and the coming storm The foundations of public-sector project management The framework for managing public-sector projects Project integration Managing project scope Managing project time Managing project cost Managing project quality Managing project human resources Managing project communications Managing project risk Managing project procurement and vendors Managing complexity and chaos in public-sector projects.

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Are you a frequent reader or book collector? Social responsibility Did you know that since , Biblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America? Among different types of projects, communication, its frequency and its format can vary. However, without effective communication a project will fail. Sinnaps allows for the optimisation of communication through online real-time chat between team members and project managers.

Stakeholder Management : Projects can vary depending on the number of stakeholders involved.

Sometimes, the only stakeholders involved in a project is the team and project manager, but more often than not, there are a wider group of stakeholders involved. The more stakeholders, the more complex the management of their expectations and communication. Task assignation : Within the different types of projects in project management, there are many different tasks and activities.

Projects can vary depending on how these tasks are assigned to team members- whether they will be completed by individual members or groups and how responsibilities will be defined. Quality of results : Results of projects vary among the different types of projects. If you are interested, glance at this lesson…. What do these project types need? Every Project is different.

Projects can be classified on several different points. The classification of projects in project management varies according to a number of different factors such as complexity, source of capital, its content, those involved and its purpose. Projects can be classified on the following factors. According to complexity :. According to its objective :. Educational : Oriented at the education of others. If you would like to know more about types of project and which method is best for each one, we recommend this Online Free Project Management Course!

What is a project manager? Now that we know what a project is, the different type and its different classifications, we must consider the person responsible for bringing it for beginning to end- the project manager. All types of projects in project management need a project manager. Like projects, there are different types of project managers.

Depending on the type of project a certain style of project manager will be best suited. The Prophet: This type of project manager focuses on grand opportunities. This manager relies on passionate team members that are extremely determined to comply with the vision of the project.

A Bad Time to Be Average

Prophets are good for challenging an existing, possibly out-of-date strategy and seeking out new opportunities for growth that previously may have been overlooked. The Gambler : This type of project manager actively pursues business opportunities that exist within the existing strategic boundaries of the business but are not being exploited to their full potential due to a lack of trustworthy data. Essentially, this project manager takes bets on growth opportunities.

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In a certain light, these managers can seem risky as the likelihood of success cannot be predicted, however they are necessary to project management as they pursue certain overlooked opportunities that have potential. The Expert: This type of project manager actively pursues business opportunities that lie outside the existing strategic boundaries, but contrary to the gambler and the prophet, opportunities for which there exists trustworthy data that carves a solid case.

They love solid evidence that backs up their initiative to go with certain overlooked business growth opportunities. Their main challenge is to explain their vision and get everyone on the team on board with pursuing the goal. The Executor: This project manager energetically pursues business opportunities that lie within the existing strategic boundaries and that have a great case to be pursued.

5. Stakeholder Management – Project Management

The sureness and confidence of this type of project manager is what gains trust from the other team members and followers of the project. Quantitative evidence is key for the executor and helps strongly back up the pursuit of an opportunity. Risk, uncertainty and challenge is null. They simply excel at pinpointing opportunities that need to be sought after that are not currently.

It is the most certain path to success; however, the executor lacks ability to pinpoint more obscure and maybe more risky opportunities that could potentially be exploited. All types of project in project management follow a certain approach. There exist various methodologies through which project management can be carried out. Here are some of the types of project management approaches.

Critical Path Method CPM : This method was developed in the s and is based on the idea that some tasks cannot be started until others are completed. This highlights task interdependencies.