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Executive Program in Women’s Leadership

Description Meet the Staff Insights Downloads. Women's Leadership Excellence Executive education program in English.

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Meet our teaching staff. Nora Grasselli.

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All dates and costs - Program overview PDF, 0. Program calendar Calendar overview PDF, We discover—and often enrich—the best of the best and bring them to the world in a TV-friendly format. Less risk. More alternatives. Rapid speed to market.

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Greater success rate! We will share with you how you can make a difference by bringing you into the collective conversation. OUR MISSION Women's Leadership LIVE's mission is to reflect and amplify the voices of career and entrepreneurial women - to share their stories of risk and success - to chronicle and help expand their growing economic, political and social influence and power - to celebrate their triumphs - to provide solutions to their problems - to identify and empower a new wave of women Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

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CONNECT Introduces you to ways to better communicate, more strongly connect and boost your level of confidence with other like-minded leaders. Not knowing the identity of the person you are about to interview can keep you barred off from preconceived judgments on race, gender or any other bias you may have. Instead of being all talk, actually giving women leadership positions will start a snowball effect that will lead to more women being promoted to senior roles. We need to actually consider women for these jobs. According to the U.

Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law

Department of Labor:. With hard work, diligence, intelligence and education come rewards of seniority within businesses and organizations. By giving executive-level jobs to women who deserve them, we are showing younger women and working women that this idea of success is possible. And when we know that something is actually possible, we can start planning a course of action to achieve our dreams. Are you considering all qualified candidates regardless of gender for positions that need filling?

Global Women's Leadership Forum: Compilation

We all need to start practicing a lot more of what we preach.